What We do

We understand the importance and value of sports activities for children from an early age, and our programmes of fun, professional boxing activities come with lifetime benefits:

Fitness – Physical activity is so important for children of all ages, and taking time out from screen time to boost health and fitness levels on a regular basis should be fun too!

Confidence and self-belief – It’s not just a child’s physical health that benefits from regular participation in sport, their mental health can also be improved as their confidence (in their abilities and in themselves in general) increases.

Discipline – Boxing is a sport where participants have to be disciplined both physically and mentally.That type of discipline is an incredibly valuable skill that will translate into your child’s day-to- day life – at school, at home, and as they develop into adulthood.

Balance and coordination – As your child learns the skills we teach at Bambino Boxing, you’ll find their overall balance, coordination, and strength all increase.

Teamwork – Vitally important as they grow and come into contact with more schoolmates, friends, colleagues, and partners, teamwork is another quality they’ll learn with us.

Are you interested in your child starting to benefit from the combination of fun and fitness they’ll find at Bambino Boxing? Contact us today to find out more!